Defining Our Future

Update for February 27, 2012 (#1)

As you know, the final list of academic programs affected for closure or merger will be released this week. The purpose of this email is to share with you the process and communication plans for this announcement. 

Provost Gibson, along with the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Board of Regents General Counsel, will meet with the leadership of UNI-United Faculty (UF) early this afternoon to continue the discussion of defining "program area" as required in Article Five of the Master Agreement. At that meeting, UF will be shown a preliminary and confidential list of recommended program changes. Following the meeting with UF, Provost Gibson, the associate provosts and deans of the colleges will meet with the Faculty Senate in executive session for consultation on the preliminary list of programs slated for closure or merger. As with UF, the Senate will be shown a preliminary and confidential list of recommended program changes. Following the Senate meeting, the core Academic Affairs Council, headed by the provost, will meet to consider the results of the two earlier meetings, and anticipates finalizing a list of recommended program changes.  

Once the list of recommended program changes is completed, Provost Gibson will submit her recommendation to President Allen for his consideration and approval.  President Allen will make the final decision on what program changes will be recommended to the Board of Regents.

Before any public announcements are made, President Allen, Provost Gibson and the appropriate college deans will meet with affected tenured faculty members. The associate provosts will meet with probationary and term faculty who will be affected by the changes.

Students enrolled in the programs affected will be contacted directly. They will be reassured that they will be able to complete their coursework and graduate in their major.

Once faculty, staff and students directly affected by the changes have been informed the rest of the university community will be notified by email. Please keep in mind that no final decisions are being made until all appropriate consultations are complete.