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Defining Our Future

Transition Update- March 23, 2012

Dear MPLS Parents and Students,

We hope you were able to participate in the transition events held this week.

March 20, - K-5 grades, 6 pm met in MPLS Auditorium – contact: Jim Stichter 273-2232

March 22, - 6-11 grades, 4-7 pm at MPLS - opportunity to meet individually with area school representatives – contact: Josh Henriksen 273-2954

  • These events were excellent opportunities for Parents and Students to receive information for next fall.

Reminder regarding open enrollment information:

Students who choose to attend their resident school district or a private or parochial school do not need to complete open enrollment forms.  Students who choose to attend a public school district outside their home school district have 45 calendar days from March 1, which is April 14, to complete open enrollment forms with the receiving school district.  However, because April 14 is a Saturday, the deadline is Monday, April 16.

Transition Teams are in-place:

A structure of ten transition teams are working on these functions: transitioning the K-12 students, employee transitions, developing clinical experiences for the teacher education students, relocating the Child Development Center, enhancing communication efforts, determining next steps for the building and the contents, student records, donor relations, retaining MPLS historical aspects, and implementing the new Research and Development model.

For example, work is in progress to plan for archiving student academic records and retain them with the UNI Registrar’s Office.  In the future, all records will be accessed through this office.  More information regarding the transition process will be shared with future emails.

If you have any additional questions during this transition, please contact MPLS at 319.273.2514.  MPLS faculty and staff want to provide personalized information for you to address your questions and assist you in this transition.