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MPLS Public Auction

November 7, 2012

Malcolm Price Laboratory School (MPLS) officially closed June 30, 2012. The decision to close the school was completed by the Board of Regents on February 27, 2012.  This decision has been upheld in court.   

The process to close the school was administered by ten transition teams that were appointed March 20, 2012.  The following is a brief update on this closing and the public auction of surplus items.

A public auction is being held November 7, 8, 9, and 10 to dispose of surplus items. 

A general schedule for the auction items includes:

  • November 7 – science, industrial technology and art items
  • November 8 – music, athletic department and physical education items
  • November 9 – elementary and middle school items
  • November 10 – library items

For more information regarding the auction please refer to:

The Regent institutions and the Board Office have established surplus property disposal procedures to ensure items defined as surplus by departments are placed within the institution to the extent feasible.  This process was completed by November 6, 2012 to ensure all items were properly utilized on-campus if appropriate, prior to being offered for public sale. 

All commemorative and historical type awards, trophies, plaques, and banners have been cataloged.  Items have been identified as commemorative (to be displayed in a commemorative type wall), to be retained in a trophy case for historical purposes, to be stored or archived, or to be made available for public auction.  It is a priority to preserve all significant awards and commemorative items.

Since June 6, 2012 all students, parents, area schools, AEA’s and colleges have been able to obtain student academic records by contacting the UNI Registrar’s Office at 319-273-2278.

The Child Development Center (CDC) has had no interruption in service.  Children will continue to receive care in the existing location, the southeast corner of the school building, until the new site is ready in spring 2013.  (The CDC is planning to relocate to the west wing of the building in spring 2013.)

Only the southeast corner of the school building which houses the Child Development Center is open.  All other portions of the building are closed including the Fieldhouse, due to asbestos abatement and future renovations.   

If anyone has any questions regarding this update please contact Dwight C. Watson, Brenda Buzynski or Kelly Flege.