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May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012

Dear MPLS Parents and Students,

As the school year draws to close, we wish all students and families a good summer and successful year in the fall. 

Please be sure to contact the school district your child will attend next fall so the district can help you schedule your son/daughter’s classes correctly.  Please keep in mind – it is easier to schedule and plan a junior high/high school student’s course schedule now, as opposed to waiting until August when some of the classes may be at capacity.  Also, schools need to plan accordingly for their staffing needs based on enrollment.  

Cedar Falls contact: Carrie DeBerg, phone: 319-553-2422  

Waterloo contact: Cora Turner, phone: 319-433-1801

For updates on transition efforts, please refer to:

As always, the school counselors (Ms. Dieken and Ms. Struck) are available to visit with you and your child about the transition of changing schools.  Please contact the counselors with any questions, as they are ready to listen and address any questions or concerns. Ph: 319-273-2185

For the 2012-13 year 

All student academic records will be maintained at the UNI Registrar’s Office starting June 7.  Phone: 319-273-2241.  All websites will be updated to keep everyone informed of contact information regarding student records.  There is no fee to have student records sent to a school.

News from the Cedar Falls School District:

Cedar Falls Schools originally announced that building assignments of MPLS students would occur by May 15th.  This date was originally selected because of the Open Enrollment deadline of April 16th.  We did not realize at that time that parents could file multiple open enrollment applications, and that final enrollment decisions do not need to be made until registration is held in a given school district for the 2012-2013 school year. 

The Cedar Falls School District wants to assure MPLS parents that live in the Cedar Falls School District that if, and when, you make a decision to enroll your child(ren) in the Cedar Falls Schools there will be space available for your child in your neighborhood school.  For example:  If you live in the Lincoln attendance area and decide to wait until August 5th to enroll your child in the CF Schools there will be space available at Lincoln for your student.  Cedar Falls Schools does have the capacity for all MPLS students to attend their neighborhood school if they so choose. 

For those parents who live in Cedar Falls and are requesting a rule exception for your child to attend a school other than your neighborhood school, those decisions will be made as quickly as possible though we cannot guarantee a date when those decisions will be made.  If you have additional questions please call 553-3000 or contact the principal of your neighborhood school.

All school picnic and games will be held Tuesday, May 29.  Best wishes for an enjoyable summer.