Defining Our Future

March 6, 2012 Update

This is an update on the academic program changes process.

The meetings with United Faculty and the Faculty Senate have concluded. After considering the input received, Provost Gibson will give me her recommendation. I will review that recommendation and make a final determination, which will become my recommendation to the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

Once the list of program closures and reorganizations is finalized, we will meet with the affected faculty and staff, and communicate with affected students. The list will be posted online, after communication has been completed with those directly affected.

Relative to the academic program changes:

  • The University will adhere to the terms of the Master Agreement and human resource policy regarding positions and staffing.
  • All students enrolled in affected programs of study will be able to complete their coursework and graduate.
  • Closing or merging undergraduate majors and minors, and graduate programs is not unusual for any university. UNI has closed and merged programs in the past and our sister institutions have done the same.

We will keep you updated as the process moves forward.

Benjamin Allen